Umarex UX SA10 Dual Ammo CO2 Air Pistol


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Umarex UX SA10 is certainly an attention-grabbing CO2 pistol.

First, there are the viewports in the heavy slide, through which you can see the brass-coloured barrel with thread for mounting a silencer, it also can be field stripped and fitted with a threaded barrel to achieve extra accuracy.

Based on the successful Glock 17 Dual Ammo, this pistol has the same design dual ammo removable magazine, it holds the CO2 cartridge along with three spare clips. The pistol can shoot both pellets and BBs, even mixed.

It is The metal slide brings the weight up to almost a kilogram.

Weight0.924 kg
Dimensions23 cm

Black / Brass Barrel


.177 & 4.5mm BB






Pellet & BB

Power Source