Umarex Colt Government 1911 A1 CO2 Target Pistol


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This superbly accurate copy by Umarex is based on the original Colt M1911 A1 firearm. The result is a perfectly balanced sport and target pistol with smooth firing and high accuracy for those who want that little bit extra.

The rifled barrel is machined to perfection and offers long-lasting performance and the highest possible accuracy, the pistol has a beautiful deep polished blued finish.

This range of Umarex pistols utilises the “mid-breech” loading system meaning, an eight-round magazine is loaded into the top section of the pistol before the barrel, thus allowing the pellet to be perfectly positioned in front of the rifled barrel.

Powered, by a 12-gram CO2 cylinder that is located in the pistol grip, with an easy gassing leaver.


  • Two eight-shot magazines
  • Hard Case
  • Instructions

Bristol Airguns Opinion: A top-class target pistol with exceptional build quality, perfect for accurate target shooting up to ten metres.

Weight1.08 kg
Dimensions22 cm







All Metal / Rubber Grip


.177 Pellet

Power Source