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  • Umarex CO2 12G Cylinders (10)


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    10X 12G Cylinders

  • PCP Air Bottle Connection Hose.


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    This is the hose assembly that connects a 300 Barr airgun cylinder to a PCP air rifle or pistol. Specification: 300 Barr Air Hose. 1/8″ BSP fitting. length: 50 cm.

  • PCP Air Bottles


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    Choosing the correct size airgun tank can be a hassle if you are not sure what you are looking for, so we are here to help: ⦁ All tanks are guaranteed for 5 years. ⦁ We can refill your air tank in-store (free Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate supplied free while you wait). ⦁ All…

  • Umarex CO2 88G Cylinder


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    88G Cylinder

  • Quick Coupler Starter Kit


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    Quick Coupler Starter Kit. A complete PCP kit to get you started fits onto 300 Barr hose assembly. Supplied with: 1x Quick Fill Adaptor. 2x Quick Coupler plugs with washers. 1x Stainless Steel Pressure Test Dust Plug.

  • Hill MK5 Air Rifle Pump with Dry Air System


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    This latest model of the MK5 Hills Air Rifle Pump with the Hill’s Dry Air System included. This PCP pump comes with a limited lifetime warranty, as well as a 1/8″ Hose connection for connecting your airgun charging adaptor.  

  • Best Fittings 88 to 12 Gram CO2 Adaptor


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    This co2 adaptor has been designed specifically to allow the use of 1 x 12g co2 capsule instead of the larger 88g ones. Perfect for short plinking sessions and checking that everything is still working in perfect order. Compatible, with most 88gram CO2 airgun. Approximately 35 shots per 12-gram cylinder.

  • Best Fittings Quick Fill adaptor coupler Plug


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    Best Fittings quick coupler plug allows you to convert your 1/8th BSP probe or filling connector into a quick fill connection, and comes complete with a bonded washer. Simply thread your adaptor on with the washer, nip up with spanners, and connect to a standard quick fill socket to get going.

  • Sale!

    Bisley 5 Litre PCP Air Bottle, Hose & Starter Kit


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    We have included everything you need to fill your airgun with the Bisley 5 Litre 300 Barr PCP Bottle with boot, hose attachment and starter kit. What is supplied: Bisley 5 Litre Tank. Connection Hose. Bottle Starter Pack, includes a female, quick-release fitting with dust cap, 2x male quick fill adaptors and washers. Free in-store…

  • Walther 88 to 12 Gram CO2 Adaptor With Cylinders


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    This is a clever device that replaces the standard 88-gram CO2 Cylinder that powers 88-gram CO2 Rifles.    It uses two 12g cylinders in place of a standard 88g Cylinder, thus saving on the purchase of the expensive 88-gram cylinders.   It can also be removed from the air rifle once gassed, without any leaking, and then…

  • Best Fittings Quick Fill adaptor


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    Best Fittings 1/8″ BSP male fitting to attach to 1/8″ BSP hose assembly. Allows you to convert a standard 1/8th BSP fill probe into a quick fill connection so that you can quickly and easy change the probe without the use of spanners or tools. If you have more than 2 items, simply purchase more…

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